Our world-class EHS and sustainability services and consultants enable companies to assess and manage risks, protect employees, preserve the environment, be socially and globally responsible and achieve sustainable environmental, social and economic value.

We offer community wide inspections to identify and report various aspects including but not limited to breach of community regulation by residents and contractors, environmental violations, violation of statutory regulations, structural damages, infrastructural problems, contractors performance, contract compliance etc; We also support the management team with needful enforcement action plan to guarantee safe and healthy living environment for the residents.

We take care of project development and management activities of various facilities or business (big or small) and take care of all aspects of HSE management services including, initial surveys, setting standards, monitoring compliance, advising customers with various risk mitigation aspects and we outsource HSE services to professional companies and take care of payable s of contractor to alleviate management burden on our clients, we integrate various components of HSE in the property management to provide our customers with safe living / working environment.

We carryout site specific Quality Audits /surveys to explore various existing HSE issues, we also highlight any potential problems which may arise due to existing conducive conditions which might support / pose risk on a later stage, we report risk associated with such existing or potential HSE issues to property, health, products and environment further we provide various preventive and curative aspects including risk mitigation advices, recommendations to improve / streamline HSE compliance as per statutory requirements.

We offer environmental audit services to identify various environmental risks associated with locations, process or activities to advise clients with required remedial / mitigation measures. Such audit services are extended to all kind of businesses including construction companies, property developers, industrial facilities, residential communities, schools, hospitals, hotels effluent treatment plants etc.

Environmental audit services

We offer comprehensive packages for management of ponds, lakes and other natural or artificial water bodies, our expertise ranges from baseline surveys to long term maintenance contracts, setting up aerators, pest management, algae control, odor control, fish stocking,water clarity improvement,water quality analysis and all associated services.

We offer service of professionals in pre-handover/ pre- purchase snagging inspection for all kind of properties, our team of expert engineers are capable of picking up all major and minor construction and utility defects to furnish a detailed photographic snag report to get the defects rectified and to obtain better value for their property.

We support chemical and environmental product manufacturers & dealers with product efficacy testing under local / regional environmental conditions and also support them with product promotion based on the quality conditions and demand in the local/ regional market, we as independent consultants only promote products of confirmed quality standards so that professional HSE companies or associated businesses can benefit from such products while taking care of property and health of their clients.

We carryout a pre-treatment investigative inspections to identify areas with visible mould / fungus growth / visible bio-contaminants and potential risk of contamination to provide the client with preventive recommendations in addition to the curative treatments, the disinfection treatment we offer are target specific and are based on outcome of pre-treatment inspections.

We provide training and technical support to pest control companies, facilities management companies and in-house pest control teams associated with various businesses, our trainings are focused on professional public health pest management and hygiene management with detailed emphasis on pest identification, pest biology, pest habitat, pest management operations, pesticide selection, pesticide application, pest control product awareness, safety at work, ecology and environment.

We carry out investigative studies on alleged ontamination related with pest problems, pesticide application, fumigation failures etc. Our team of professionals carryout detailed investigative studies on specimens, conducive conditions, product flow, pesticide residue analysis and various methodologies as appropriate to provide independent investigative report: we also provide expert witness services on pest infestation related legal matters to attorneys, insurance companies, food manufacturers, etc. wherein expert professional opinions based on bio-scientific facts and findings are submitted in detail.