` Flagman/Banksman Safety Training in Dubai

Flagman/Banksman Safety Training

Flagman/Banks man Safety Training


  • Understanding the necessity of proper flagman operations
  • Learn the standard skills and abilities of a competent flagman
  • Identify and apply standard flagman control references
  • Demonstrate typical flagging practices for day and night operations
  • Practice and demonstrate all flagging signals and procedures
  • Practice standard flagman responses for multiple real-life situations

Flagman/Banksman Safety Training

Safety within a work zone on a highway is maintained through the actions of a properly trained flagman. The safety of all other workers and the travelling public, while passing through the construction area, depends on the efficient actions of flagman. This course will help you carry out these important duties.

Flagman/Banksman Safety Training is approved by KHDA, Dubai municipality, Trakhees, Dubai Aviation city corporation.


  • Introduction
  • Workplace traffic accidents
  • Dangerous traffic situations and associated risks
  • Project site operations and other preparations
  • Vehicle movement in the workplace
  • Hazards and risks
  • Safety precautions when reversing
  • Various traffic control methods and equipment
  • Guidance of vehicles using signalling devices
  • Communication and instruction procedures
  • Incident reporting and emergency procedures


This Flagman/banksman safety training is intended for:
  • Any Personnel responsible for handling movement of vehicles on site
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