` Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment course in Dubai

Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment

Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment


  • Understand the importance of carrying out risk assessments
  • Understand the principles and methods of controlling risks
  • Understand what makes a suitable and sufficient risk assessment
  • Be able to show competence in hazard spotting and in dealing with near miss incidents
  • Use tools to help prioritise hazards
  • Understand the principles and methods of risk control
  • Develop hazard identification and apply controls
  • Be aware of the additional considerations for anyone considered a vulnerable person
  • Know when assessments need to be reviewed

Hazard Identification & Risk Assessment

Our training course explains the moral, financial, and legal definitions of Hazard identification & risk assessment. We look at the legal requirements to help your organisation comply with the legal requirement to provide a ‘suitable and sufficient’ assessment of risk. As part of managing health and safety within an organisation, employers are responsible for assessing and controlling any risks in the workplace to protect employees and others from harm.

Our training course will cover and explore a range of hazard identification and control hazard, risk assessment technique selection and how to apply them.


  • Hazard & Risk Assessment – an introduction and legal definitions
  • The law and your obligations (legal, moral, financial)
  • Hazard spotting
  • Near misses
  • Prioritizing hazards and risks
  • HSE 5 step risk assessment model
  • Vulnerable people
  • How to control the risks
  • Recording your findings
  • Reviewing your risk assessments


This Hazard identification & Risk assessment training is intended for:
  • Management staff
  • Senior managers
  • HSE representatives
  • All personnel involved in health, safety, and environment management system.
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