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Environmental Audits

Our Environmental Auditing service, carried out by our experienced consultants, comprises of the detailed evaluation of various parameters in order to ensure that your environment-related regulatory policy compliances are in place.

We offer environmental audit services to identify various environmental risks associated with locations, process or activities to advise clients with required remedial / mitigation measures. Such audit services are extended to all kind of businesses including construction companies, property developers, industrial facilities, residential communities, schools, hospitals, hotels effluent treatment plants etc.

Analysing the efficiency of Environmental Management Systems (EMS), we formulate action plans to audit and evaluate specific concern areas such as monitoring of the maintenance of the air quality, waste management, etc. Upon identifying the potential upcoming circumstances of environmental risks, we prepare comprehensive audit reports addressing each and every concern in detail based on elaborate checklists and scoring system. Our environmental audit reports primarily aim at:

  • Analysing the environmental impacts arising from a facility
  • Establishing the requirements for NOCs by ensuring proper Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Developing or re-fabricating an Environmental Action Plan (EAP) for the facility
  • Saving resources by reducing wastage of water, energy etc which can bring monetary benefits in the long-run.
Environmental Audits
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