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Water Shed Management

Most of the countries in the Middle-east are facing issues on water scarcity, water quality deterioration and resource depletion. UAE, with its rapidly increasing population, has a per-capita water demand of 550 litres per day. So, it’s high time we took measures to protect our water resources. Watershed Management is nothing but protection and improvement of water quality of natural as well as artificial water systems based on scientific approaches on land use and water management practices. We offer comprehensive packages for management of ponds, lakes and other natural or artificial water bodies, our expertise ranges from baseline surveys to long term maintenance contracts, setting up aerators, pest management, algae control, odor control, fish stocking,water clarity improvement,water quality analysis and all associated services.

water shed management

Our interventions were found to have a positive impact on watershed conditions. We are experts in handling issues such as threats to the landscape due to expansion of urban centres; interrupted water-flow and resulting stagnation; degradation due to development of industries and after-effects of run-off and pollution. Our action plans are cost-effective and thus bring you economic improvement. By promoting activities that are preventive rather than curative, we ensure long-lasting results in most of the scenarios.

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