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Investigation and Fungus / Mould Infestation

Indoor mould infestations can be due to issues such as leaky walls, roofs, or windows and leaking water pipes or wastewater lines; which traps moisture inside building components. This might also occur due to poor quality of construction as well as insulation materials used in the building. Our hot and humid outside weather and faulty air-conditioned indoor facilities are also responsible for this condition. Damp basements are areas of evident mould growth. If the fungal/Mould growth is due to sewer or drainage backup; special attention is to be provided as it is likely to contain infectious micro-organisms or harmful chemicals.

We carryout a pre-treatment investigative inspections to identify areas with visible mould / fungus growth / visible bio-contaminants and potential risk of contamination to provide the client with preventive recommendations in addition to the curative treatments, the disinfection treatment we offer are target specific and are based on outcome of pre-treatment inspections.

We often look for stains on walls, ceilings or furniture; frost on inside wall finishes; musty smell; frequent leaks and the moulds that comes back even after cleaning. Our mitigation action plan includes proper water proofing and weather proofing; HVAC inspection and maintenance; installation of moisture-barriers and quality checks of plumbing fixtures.

Investigation and Fungus / Mould Infestation
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