Consulting Services

ISO 21500:2021 Project Management

It provides guidance to organizations of different types and levels by explaining core principles and good practices associated in project management. As consultants, we have observed that most companies have practical issues with merging their existing quality management standards with the evolving innovative project management practices. Our deep researches in the field of management have shown us that organizations which abide by those standards put forward by institutions like ISO, are showing tremendous growth in terms of productivity and profits.

EHS Consultant team, with their experience in handling an array of challenging projects, are capable of equipping companies in working towards making their environment suitable for standardized project management practices. We offer services in initiating, planning and implementing projects – large or small; by effectively controlling subjects such as integration, scope, resource, time, cost etc.; ensuring quality of international level, without compromising proper communication at each stage, till the timely closure of project. We also train your project managers to be able to play their role more efficiently. They will be taught to work in co-ordination with other stakeholders, based on an ISO-level guide of practices at work.

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