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ISO 45001: 2018 Safety Management Systems

This ISO standard is commonly adopted to ensure health and safety at work, with an intention to prevent work-related injuries. By following this standard, a company can build trust among its employees and reduce the insurance premiums and claims.

The ISO 45001 based Occupational Health and Safety system devised by EHS Management consultants, will eliminate hazards and minimizes work-related risks by pointing out nonconformities associated with the activities of a company. This also includes ensuring continual improvement and fulfilment of regulatory requirements. Our certified training team also provide effective training sessions for employees of all levels on general health and safety, fire safety, emergency first aid and a lot more. These trainings in turn help you to build a resilient workforce which remains as a great asset for your company. We are also experts in handling psychosocial risks i.e. risks associated with psychological health and safety of your employees. The issues such as ineffective communication, excess work-pressure and lack of leadership will also be properly addressed.

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