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ISO 26000:2021 Social Responsibility

An organization's commitment towards the society and the environment remains critical in its effective and continuous operation. Established on this context, ISO 26000 is used as a measure to evaluate how efficiently an organization fulfils its responsibilities towards community and environment.

EHS Management Consultants will help you with incorporating ISO 26000 by familiarizing various concepts on social responsibility. By productively analysing the existing trends, we guide you towards principles and practices that successfully addresses issues pertaining to social responsibility. We are specialists in constructing, incorporating and promoting socially responsible culture throughout the organization by means of trainings, awareness campaigns etc.; ensuring engagement with your stakeholders. Our ESG Consultation Services on a larger canvas, assist organizations in contributing to profit- based sustainable development. Recognizing that compliance with regulatory frameworks is a non-negotiable part of your social commitment, we support you in abiding to legislations related to Corporate Social Responsibility.

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